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Magnus Walker: Oslo Outlaw

A viking on the road in Oslo, Norway.

A little film I made for Porsche Norge during Magnus Walkers visit to Oslo.


Norsk Porsche / Steffen Westbye

Director, DoP, Editor and Color

Lars Hauge Hoel


Adrian Friis / Griff Kommunikasjon

Thanks to:

Mads Gjerdrum and Liam Rode-Hære

The Red Wood Ant

A little short film exploring the life of the Red Wood Ant.

Voice by:

Shogo Miyakita​

Music by:


The Dog Musher

A personal short presenting the sport of dog mushing.

Shot at Synnfjell with dog musher Thomas Werner.


Sverre Koch

Voice by:

Jack McGrath

Music by:

Tashi Gyelpo

David Graham

Mohammad Rjoub

Bruno Morello

Ross Kolby - Venus of SoMe

The painter Ross Kolby presents his newest creation. The painting "Venus of SoMe".


Christine Frestad

Voice by:

Ross Kolby

Music by:


A short visual poem about darkness.

Voice by:

A.H. Sivrija

Music by:

Capture the Light

A little short film about the feeling of wandering the woods with a camera. The excitement, the thrill and searching for the right moment.​


Voice by:

Nate Goodwin

Music by:


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